Tours in Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage Site in Vietnam. Halong Bay is a sightseeing destination not to be missed by most of the international visitors arriving in Vietnam. With the variety of landscapes, caves and beaches on the water and a system of terrestrial infrastructure such as roads, hotels, restaurants, entertainment spots ... are excellent conditions for Ha Long tourism is growing with many different types of tourism.

6 reasons to visit Halong bay:

1. A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ha Long Bay was first listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, in recognition of its outstanding, universal aesthetic value. In 2000 the World Heritage Committee additionally recognized Ha Long Bay for its outstanding geological and geomorphologic value. Hence Ha Long Bay is twice granted World Heritage status for a reason: It is really that picturesque. The trademark emerald green water and 3,000 islands of towering limestone are worth your visit. Sometimes you really need to believe the hype.

2. It’s all natural

Halong Bay is one of the most amazing places you would go to on planet earth because it's all natural and there is nothing additive or artificial involved with it. The stunning karst outcroppings in Ha Long are made of 3000 years of chemical reactions between limestone and dripping water. If the scenic rock scene takes such a long time to develop, it deserves your visit. Beware that you will witness the amazingly changing, dynamic landscape.

3. Ecotourism site for the sustainability minded folks

The steep karst outcrops of the bay are not only beautiful, but ideal for rock climbing. It's fun to get off the cruise boat and paddle around the bay either in a kayak or a row boat. That way you can get up close to the limestone formations and get a different perspective. It’s magic in the truest sense of the word.

4. Fantastic cruise experience

For a stellar experience on the water, look no further than wooden boats called junks which are abundant in Ha long Bay and come in different price ranges. It is probably the best means of travelling in the region. A Junk voyage sailing through the wonders of this Bay could range from a few hours to spending a day or even a night on board but the experience is truly outclass and wonderful.

5. Sumptuous seafood menu

The culinary scene in Ha Long Bay is often overshadowed by the highly popular splendid island, and it deserves more than that, simply because the food is really excellent. You’ll find it hard to resist the plump shrimp, the delicate blush of an octopus tentacle, the meatiness of the rich crab meat served in a really light delicate broth made of clam nectar and garlic, and garnished with tiny slices of juicy limes.

6. Experience the life of a fisherman

If you insist on going local, nothing can beat a kayak to a fishing village to see locals going about their daily business, where a casual, friendly atmosphere pervades. Having the opportunity to peek and participate in their world is interesting, as you can experience catching some treats for yourself or making fishing nets with the locals.

The popular kind of tours in Halong bay:

Full Day tour:  From the cruise terminal, you can choose to travel by cruise to visit Halong Bay on 4 - 6 - 8 hours starting at 7am.

Route 1: Habour - Thien Cung Cave/ Dau go Cave - Ba hang fishing Village - Fighting Cock - Dog rock (4 hours)
Route 2: Habour - Surprise Cave - Titop island (6 hours)
Route 3: Habour - Bai tu long bay - Vangia fishing Village (8 hours)

2 days/1 night - Sleeping on boat:

Route 1: Habour - Thien Cung cave/ Ba hang fishing village - Fighting Cock - Dog rock - Surprise Cave - Titop island.
Route 2: Habour - Bai tu long bay - Thien Canh Son Cave - Vung Vieng fishing Village

Tour 3 days 2 nights:

Route: Habour - Thien Cung cave/ Bahang fishing village - Fighting Cock - Dog rock - Surprise Cave - Titop island - Lan ha bay - Dark/ Bright cave

Route: Habour - Thien Cung cave/ Bahang fishing village - Fighting Cock - Dog rock - Surprise Cave - Titop island - Lan ha bay - Viet hai village

  • 2 Days/ 1 night: Halong bay full day and Overnight in Hotel in Halong city
  • 3 Days/ 2 nights: 1 night on boat + 1 night in Hotels in Halong city/ Tuan chau island
  • 3 Days/ 2 nights: 1 night on boat + 1 night in Catba island/ Monkey island + land tour in Catba island

And we can make sure that you can find out your favorite tours.

What activities do you join in Halong bay?

  • Cruising in the bay
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Visiting cave
  • Trekking up
  • Biking tour
  • Speed boat tour
  • Fishing tour
  • Visiting fishing Village
  • Visiting pearl farm
  • Have dinner inside Cave
  • Rock Climbing
  • Scuba Diving

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