Halong Bay Kayaking

Kayaking is not only giving you health, but it also is an opportunity for you to conquer and self-discovery, exploring the beauty of nature.

Most tourists come to  Halong bay want to do kayaking. If you take 1 or 2 days tour,  time for kayaking will be 45 min -1 hour. If you want to have much time for kayaking, then you should join the to 3 days 2 nights tour and sleeping on the boat. You will have whole second day to do kayak in areas with less tourists, quiet and beautiful. You will have plenty of time to explore the beauty of Halong bay by yourself. You'll weave through each ravines, caves to admire the beauty of its interior. You will have the opportunity to explore the cave that can be accessed only by kayak.

US-based Allwomentalk website advised travelers to choose kayaking in Halong Bay as one of the world’s best adventure holidays.

Adventure holidays are a way to explore the world around you, without trawling malls, staying in 5 star luxury hotels and having endless massages at a spa. Although these things are indeed a really nice way of spending your down time, adventure holidays are designed for those who want a bit more out of their travels.

According to Allwomentalk, Halong Bay has got to be one of the most incredible landscapes in the world, where time appears to stand completely still – the perfect destination for some terrific adventure tours. The mesmerizing deep emerald waters, and the swirling mist, give way to the mysterious and eerie limestone outcrops that appear to rise from the depths of the bay, cropping up almost appearing to be scattered everywhere.

Thus, the website advised travelers to go on a guided kayak tour which will lead them to all the secret, hidden coves, amazing caves and sensational views. Visitors will have a chance to glide through the magical waters and wave to passing junks and experience serenity like nowhere else on earth.

The Allwomentalk’s list of the World’s Best Adventure Holidays also includes hiking in the Himalayas, cycling in El Camino, Spain, Antarctic voyage, Cowboy adventures in Canada, Hot air balloon tour in the North Pole, Semi-sub tour of the Great Barrier Reef and Safari in Uganda.

Great places in Halong bay to kayak you are:

  • Halong Bahang fishing village and Three caves are
  • Halong Bo Nau cave area
  • Halong Luon Tunnel area
  • Horse saddle to Fairy lake cave and Male cave
  • Dark and Bright cave area
  • Three peach beach area
  • Three lake area
  • Vung Vieng fishing village in Baitulong bay
  • Van Gia fishing village in Lan Ha Bay

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