Getting Halong Bay

There are 4 main ways to transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay:

By Local bus: From Hanoi, you can take a mini bus from Gia Lam bus station/ Luong Yen Bus Station, My Dinh Bus Station. Tickets are bought at the ticket counter from 90,000 VND. The ride is approximately 4 hours long, and the bus will stop to pick up passengers along the way. Air-conditioning is minimal, so be prepared to break a sweat in summer. Larger sized tourists will not find it to be a pleasant ride, but it is a nice authentic Vietnamese experience.

By Helicopter: Depart from Gia Lam airport, It's take around 20 - 30 Minutes to Halong bay, but it's really expensive (Around $300/ 1 ways) and you have to book in advance

By shuttle bus: Pick up & drop off passengers in the Ha Noi old quarter. 4-6 hours pending on how many stops en route the driver makes to pick up/drop off passengers. Fare from 8-10 US/ way.

By Train: take cargo train from Hanoi to Yen Vien and then to Quang Ninh. The terminal is about 50km away from the harbour. Expect train delays and cancellations without notice. Hard sleeper only, from US$10 one way.

By rent a private car / van: Contact Us for provider to take a private car / van from Noi Bai airport to Halong, or from Hanoi center to Halong bay.

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Private Car price to Halong city
Private Car price to Halong city
Welcome to Halong Legacy Cruise, we arrange package tours to halong bay. And we offer private car from Hanoi to Halong bay and return with really reasonable prices and high quality
Shuttle Bus to the boat
Shuttle Bus to the boat
Lan Ha Legend Cruise provide transportation services from Hanoi to the boat and return everyday which will help you arrange your holiday in Halong bay easier. You don't need to book package tours, just transportation to halong bay

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